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Our system offers unmatched precision of less than <0.01nm or 0.01%.

Flexible and Powerful

Easy to Use Software

The sophisticated TF Companion software and its extensive library of materials for all your measurement needs. 

Fully Supported

Need support? Reach a spectroscopy expert and get your issues resolved.

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Expertly measure the thickness of your polymers, coatings, thin films and more. The MProbe is the most advanced, easy-to-use and affordable desktop system for thin-film measurement.

Thickness Measurement for Any Industry

The MProbe system is used to measure thousands of thin-films and coatings,practically any translucent film can be measured quickly and reliably, including:

  • LCD and touchscreens
  • Polymer coatings, Photoresists
  • Thin film solar films 
  • Si based and Compound Semiconductors
  • Polymer web, coil coating, PET, PE polymers
  • many more... 

Industry Leaders Trust SemiconSoft for their Thin Film and Thickness Measurement Needs

Advanced Options for Scientific Users

Sophisticated tools include:

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Error-estimators
  • Simulations
  • Filmstack Switching
  • Global Optimizations
  • Layers and Materials Linking
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MProbe thin-film thickness measurement system(spectroscopic reflectometer) used to measure thousands of applications.
From optical thickness monitoring of films depositions or CMP polishing(in-situ measurement) to inline thickness measurement of polymer films/polymer web.
Spectroscopic reflectance is preferred method to measure photoresist thickness, MProbe is used to measure a wide range of photoresist
thicknesses: from 100nm to 100um, on different substrates (semiconductor wafer,glass,PCB,metal plate, PET, etc.)
MProbe measure successfully one of the most challenging OLED measurement applications -  multilayer encapsulation thickness(typically 10 layers).
This is achieved due to combination of sophisticated software algorithms (TFCompanion software) and MProbe hardware precision.
Exceptional easy of use make MProbe system a point-and-click thickness gauge, simple to use in production environment.
At the same time, all the sophisticated options are available for advanced users.

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